Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Sierra Gold Country Series: Angels Camp (4 of 5)

As we crossed the bridge of New Melones Lake, we decided to stop and take a few pics.
"Robinson's Ferry"
State Registered Landmark No. 276
In 1848 John W. Robinson and Stephen Mead established ferry transport for freight, animals and persons across river. In 1856 Harvey Wood purchased interest and later acquired property which was maintained by Wood family until 1911. Charges were 50 cents for each passenger, horse, Jenny, or other animal.

Angels Camp, "Home of the Jumping Frog" has an elevation of 1,378 feet and a population of approximately 3,589

Angels Camp was founded by Henry Angels in 1848. (The sign says George, but other references say Henry!) He was a shopkeeper from Rhode Island, who found it to be more profitable to set up a trading post than to dig for gold.

Angels City is the town's official name

This town gathered it's share of gold before settlers started moving on. One local resident decided to write a short story called, 'The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County' in 1865. That writer was Mark Twain, who has somehow linked frogs and Angels Camp together forever!

Angels Camp is full of history, antique shops, restaurants and yes, it's own theater, The Angels 5 Theatre.

The Angels Hotel was erected in 1851, only to be replaced by a one-story wooden structure. In 1855 it was replaced with stone, and a second story was added in 1857.

The Altaville Grammar School was built in 1858 with brick, and was used as a classroom until 1950. It is still known as one of the oldest in California.

At the Angels Camp Museum you can get your fill of history and take a stroll through the past. They have plenty of outdoor artifacts that surround the grounds, such as two steam traction engines and a Pelton water wheel accompanied by it's generator.
Inside hosts a wide collection of carriages and wagons which were used as a form of transportation. They also have a wide variety of quarts stone and gold!

Around the 3rd week in May, the people of Angels Camp turn the Calaveras County Fairgrounds into 'Frogtown'. They have the fair and The Jumping Frog jubilee at the 80 acre facility, and is held for 4 days. The Jubilee starts with a children's parade in downtown Angels Camp and ends with a Destruction Derby on Sunday evening.

Well we're off to the next town, hope to see you there....


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